Timetable Bot
"Schedule your classes at ease",
Check out our application demonstration video below
Manage Subjects
Start designing our time table with subjects .
Subject allocation
Allot subjects to their respective classes.
Teacher allocation
Map faculty with respective subjects
Add Timetable
Broad features as checking clashes, allowing forced entries, teacher allocation widget and a lot more .
Define timings
Define your instiuttes custom timings for time-table.
Groups, Tutorials, ICT Lectures, Smart Class
Group your classes in sets you want.
Faculty Load
Manage time-table at ease with our easy to access faculty load widget.
Clash reporting & notification
Find resolutions to any mistakes on the go.
Group View
Define groups and view them as per the image format.
Impasse or forced entry
Create forced entries skipping clashing as per your requirement.
Option for student allocation to elective subjects.
Multiple Period Addition
Create quick entries with multi-period additon options.
Faculty view of time-table
Option for faculty & admin to view time-table on faculty perspective.
Update time-table from faculty view
Update time-table directly from faculty view.
Backup Time-tables
Daily backup of time-tables to roll back to any previous state.
Faculty console
Faculty can view the time-tables in our beautifully designed console for them.
Comprehensive load report
Identify anamolies with our comprehensive load report.
Student Console
Overview of time-table in student console.
Clear Time-tables
Options to clear time-tables in bulk or individually classes.
Role management
Option to assign time-tables specific to their department for better management.
Edit / update interface
Our quick update interface allows hassle free updation.
Day Time-table
Single window view for institute.
Idle faculty
Search idle faculty relative to any particular day and period.
Search periods with no assigned faculty
Left unassigned assigned periods, search & update .
Room time-table
Prepare room occupancy reports.
Subject Time-table
View time-table with subject perspective.
Faculty clashing report
Identify all clashes and rectify.
Mark Video, ICT & tutorial lectures
Custom create lecture types and mark them in the time-table.
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